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Lollipop Chainsaw Game Info

Last Updated: 14 September 2020


Most of this page is just already known info with nothing new but just me wanting to compile random things about this dumb game

All of this data was extracted from the game’s disc and then parsed with specific python scripts

Music Information

Note: I hold no claims of owning these assets, they’re posted here purely for historical reference

Naming Table

These are all from the main soundtrack or songs that play during the background (and not licensed)

Extracted Name Song Title In Game Song Name
Punk1.mp3 Zombie Festival All Day! Punk 8
Punk2.mp3 5 Meters to Juliet Punk 4
Punk3.mp3 Throwin’ Around Zombie Heads Punk 5
Punk4.mp3 Junkyard Killing Punk 1
Punk5.mp3 My Friend is a Zombie? Punk 3
Punk6.mp3 First Date: Zombie Edition Punk 6
Punk7.mp3 Love For My Insane Lover Punk 2
Punk8.mp3 Cannibalism 101 Punk 7
Viking1.mp3 Code of the Viking Zombies Viking 3
Viking2.mp3 We Are Norse Gods Viking 1
Viking3.mp3 Drink Your Blood After a Workout Viking 2
Viking4.mp3 Zombies Dance When the Drums Play Viking 9
Viking5.mp3 Eat This, Yumil! Viking 5
Viking6.mp3 Ragnarok Comes and I Hunger for Flesh Viking 6
Viking7.mp3 Zombie Tackle Viking 4
Viking8.mp3 Dashing Through the Rain Viking 7
Viking9.mp3 Viking Zombies Sail on Lightning Seas Viking 8
Psyche1.mp3 Illusion of New World Psyche 2
Psyche2.mp3 Double-crop Rock Psyche 3
Psyche3.mp3 The Mushrooms Arrive Psyche 6
Psyche4.mp3 The Queen’s Rotting Funhouse Psyche 4
Psyche5.mp3 Reflections in a Bubble Psyche 8
Psyche6.mp3 The Bus on the Wheels Go Round Psyche 5
Psyche7.mp3 Hello From the Fields of Death Psyche 7
Psyche8.mp3 Zombie Guts Psyche 1
Psyche9.mp3 Zombeef Burger Killabilly 2 / Inside Killabilly
Funk1.mp3 Retro Diapers Funk 8
Funk2.mp3 Happy Hand Club Funk 6
Funk3.mp3 Digital Splatter Funk 2
Funk4.mp3 Will Boogie For Food Funk 9
Funk5.mp3 Heading to Space at Warp Five Funk 5
Funk6.mp3 Groovy Zombie Trap Funk 4
Funk7.mp3 Sparking Sunglasses Funk 1
Funk8.mp3 Mirrorball Madhouse Funk 3
Funk9.mp3 Rainbow Zombie Fever Funk 7
Rock1.mp3 Dead Girlfriend & Zombie Guts Rock 7
Rock2.mp3 You’re in Love With a Zombie Rock 3 / Stage Select
Rock3.mp3 Forgotten Zombie Rock Rock 2
Rock4.mp3 Violent Student Poetry Rock 9
Rock5.mp3 Elephant Corpse Rock Rock 4
Rock6.mp3 Burning Pompadour Zombie Rock 5
Rock7.mp3 Bowel Purge Rock 1
Rock8.mp3 Scattering Guts Rock 6
Rock9.mp3 To The Rotten World Rock 8

Other Songs

These are just other miscellaneous songs / files (that I don’t actually have on hand myself)

Extracted Name Song Title Stage/Other
Music Title 01.mp3 Title Screen  
NowLoadingBicycle.mp3 Now Loading, Bicycle Chapter 1
NowLoadingCafeExplodes.mp3 Now Loading Cafe Explodes Chapter 2
TelBell.mp3 Juliet’s Ringtone N/A
TELEPHONETIMEMom.mp3 Telephone Time with Mom  
NowLoadingToJunkward.mp3 Now Loading To Junkyard Chapter 2
CHB1MusicP1.mp3 Punk Rock Zombie - Phase 1 (Zed1)
CHB1MusicP2.mp3 Punk Rock Zombie - Phase 2 (Zed2)
TELEPHONETIMECordelia.mp3 Telephone Time w/Cordelia  
ZOMBIWALK.mp3 You’re Already Dead!  
Gatekeeper.mp3 Pass the Gatekeeper  
MusicTrack100.mp3 Zombie Baseball  
STAGELAST Connector.mp3 Waiting Room (End of Stage)  
CHB2MusicP1.mp3 Viking Metal Zombie Phase 1 (Vikke1)
CHB2MusicP2.mp3 Viking Metal Zombie Phase 2 (Vikke2)
CHB2MusicP3.mp3 Viking Metal Zombie Phase 3 (Vikke3)
TELEPHONETIMEMomB.mp3 Telephone Time w/Mom B  
NowLoadingKaleidoscope.mp3 Now Loading, Kaleidoscope CH4
ThreeFaces.mp3 Chickenzilla  
ThreeFacesAfter.mp3 Mecha Chickenzilla  
SurvivorsZombieJINGLE.mp3 Zombified Survivor  
CH_B3_Music_P1.mp3 Psychedelic Zombie Phase 1 (Mariska1)
CH_B3_Music_P2.mp3 Psychedelic Zombie Phase 2 (Mariska2)
CH_B3_Music_P3.mp3 Psychedelic Zombie Phase 3 (Mariska3)
Neighbor.mp3 Ate My Neighbors  
Jingle.mp3 Jingle (Funk Arcade)  
NowLoading.mp3 Now Loading  
TELEPHONETIMEMomC.mp3 Telephone Time w/Mom C  
TELEPHONETIMECordeliaB.mp3 Telephone Time w/Cordelia B  
JingleShort.mp3 Jingle  
CH_B4_Music_P1.mp3 Funk Zombie Phase 1 (Josey1)
CHB4MusicP2.mp3 Funk Zombie Phase 2 (Josey2)
TELEPHONETIME Rosalind.mp3 Telephone Time with Rosalind  
NowLoadingtoLewis.mp3 Now Loading, To Lewis CH6
CHB5Music.mp3 Rock n’ Roller Zombie (Lewis)  
KilabillyRoll.mp3 KillaBilly n’ Roll Killabilly Boss Fight?
CHB6Music.mp3 Zombie of Zombies Killabilly1
NowLoadingIntoKillabillysBody.mp3 Now Loading, Into Killabilly’s Body CH7

Note: This table was created based off of a Tumblr post

Note 2: Yeah honestly for some reason the .mp3 extracted names don’t actually match with the proper in game song number, it makes no sense but y’know sure I guess

Album Download(s)

I also happened to rip out the raw mp3 files (obviously), using some more python scripts to parse these tables (after handwriting them :/)
Here’s the output JSON dictionary if you’re too lazy to go through the extra steps
Then I created another Python script using mp3-tagger

So now the ripped MP3 files are available for download on Google Drive.
Note: Those files don’t contain the licensed music (because don’t kill me Warner Bros or whoever I like my living)

Cover Images

Concept Art

Concept Art Information

In an extracted disc, all of the concept art is stored in the UICOLLECTION_ARTS__.xxx, you’ll need to decompress it using the Unreal Decompressor (much like all of the other .XXX files), then you’ll need to rename the extracted output to have a .upk extension. I used gildor’s UModel to be able to view & extract all of the texture outputs. Now you’ve got a crap ton of folders with all of the .png textures (if you extracted them like that as you should). Then I made (and ran obviously) the organizeArts.py available in the Python Gists.
Here’s the weird part: for some reason all of the images are 1024x1024 resolution but the right half of the images are cut off and put in the bottom left even though UE3 supports 1x1 -> 4096x4096 (maybe it’s a console thing idk)

Now that you’ve magically obtained the cut off images, you’d want to run combineImageHalves.py (in the same gist), now all of your combined concept art is stored in ./OUTPUT folder

Just as a note: In this album, Cordelia is spelled as Cordiria (I assume because of Japanese transliteration issues), but I’m just keeping it like that here for record’s sake.

Concept Art Albums

Trophy Information

Download to the processed data: Download Link

Download to the unprocessed / purely extracted data: Download Link

Trophy Table

Name Description Trophy ID
Legendary Zombie Hunter 100% Complete! Thank you for playing! 000
Zombie Hunter Apprentice Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it. 001
Unclean and Uncool Defeated Hazmat in Prologue. 002
Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead Defeated Zed. 003
Viking Metal Rules! Defeated Vikke. 004
Dirty Hippy Defeated Mariska. 005
Disco’s Dead Defeated Josey. 006
Rock’n Roll Isn’t Here Anymore Defeated Lewis LEGEND. 007
I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass Defeated Killabilly. 008
Leapfrog girl Leapfrogged 10 times in a row. 009
I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! Peeped under Juliet’s skirt once. 010
Endorsed by Cordelia Get 30 headshots. 011
Sparkle Hunting Master Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting. 012
Gunn Struck Struck by lightning 10 times. 013
Super Shopper Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom. 014
Love Nick Kissed Nick 100 times. 015
JULIET51 51 successful dropkicks. 016
International Zombie Hunter Registered in world leaderboards for all stages. 017
Groovy Hunter Kill 500 zombies. 018
Zombie Slayer?! Kill 3,000 zombies. 019
Rich Hunter Pick up 1,000 zombie medals. 020
Millionaire Hunter Pick up 10,000 zombie medals. 021
San Romero Knights Savior Rescued All Classmates. 022
Lollipop Addict Collected all lollipop wrappers. 023
Always On The Phone Collected all telephone messages. 024
Zombie Fancier Completed the zombie album. 025
OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool Collected all BGM. 026
Perfect Body Completely level up Juliet. 027
Master Sushi Chef Collected all combos. 028
Watch Out For The Balls Dodge & Counter Zed’s Electric Balls 15 times. 029
Cheerleader Overboard! Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke’s ship. 030
Third Eye Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle. 031
Critical UFO Finish Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds. 032
Elephant Tamer Counter Lewis’ attack 10 times. 033
Fingered Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly’s fight! 034
Life Guard Rescued all classmates in Prologue. 035
Accidental Vandalism Destroyed 300 objects in the game. 036
Go, Medal Racer, Go! Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash. 037
Legendary Harvester Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3. 038
No Fear Of Heights Beat the Gondola game without shooting. 039
Little Sisters Are The Worst! Do not get hit by Rosalind’s wrecking ball. 040
Aced Auto-shop Class Clear all the Kill Car QTE’s in a row. 041
n00b Zombie Hunter Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad’s score. 042
Beginner Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad’s score. 043
Intermediate Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad’s score. 044
Advanced Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad’s score. 045
Super Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad’s score. 046
Excellent Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad’s score. 047
Master Zombie Hunter Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad’s score. 048
Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Watched the happy ending. 049
Horrid Birthday Watched the bad ending. 050

Trophy Images