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  • BL3DX11Injection: A quick/simple way of having plugins get loaded into Borderlands 3.

  • BL3SaveEditor: A desktop based save and profile editor for Borderlands 3

  • BL3ProfileEditor: A profile editor for Borderlands 3 (Archived)

  • Windows-Entertainment-Recoded: C#/Processing Recode of The Best of Windows Entertainment (Archived)

  • BorderlandsDiscordRP: A program that sits in the background and updates your Discord account's rich presence to sync with Borderlands 2 / Borderlands TPS data.

  • BL2CPF: An Borderlands 2 Community Patch modding tool for simpler coding (Archived)

  • SpeedTools: C#/Python Windows Forms for Speedrun Tools (Archived)

  • Processing-Projects: Projects made in Processing (Archived)

  • NVCounter: A customizable counter for Fallout NV speedruns (Archived)

  • isBulletsWRGenerator: Generates the WR for twitch.tv/isbullets WR counter (Archived)

  • BL2SecondaryMapWriter: (Archived)

  • BL3-Dehotfixifier: A quick n dirty program to disable all your hotfixes that get applied on a BL3 launch (Archived)

  • DominoSharp: A C# Wrapper for the Dominos Pizza API made by a person with nothing else better to do.

  • Livesplit.LoadRemovers: Load Removers for Livesplit (https://github.com/LiveSplit/LiveSplit)

  • IOTools: A simple to use library wrapping IO operations

  • BL3Downpatcher: A downpatcher for Borderlands 3 that uses my DownpatcherSharp library

  • BL3NotesReader: A dumb little website repo used to search through Borderlands 3 Patch Notes

  • speedrun-infosite: Temporary info page for speedrun.website

  • Simulstream: A web page meant to be able to play multiple streams at once from multiple different streaming/content platforms

  • BL3ShiftRedeemer: A quick little tool to constantly run some code to redeem SHiFT codes for Borderlands 3!

  • bl-sdk-mods: A repository filled with my Python SDK mods for Borderlands.

  • PaydayRoulette: A random heist / gear picker meant for Payday 1 / 2

  • OblivionDownpatcher: A downpatcher / exe patcher for Oblivion speedrunning

  • DownpatcherSharp: A general library to be used to downpatch games given [x] set of files.

  • BL3SDKDocs: Auto-Generated Doxygen Documentation based off of the classes/objects in BL3

  • TheDarknessIIDecompiled: Decompiled Lua source code for the 2012 game, The Darkness II

  • BorderlandsVoiceActivation: A console program, that allows you to play Borderlands 1™ / 2 / TPS™ using voice activation and talking.

  • PS3TRPViewer: A WPF program to allow you view the trophy data inside of a .TRP file (and extract it)

  • BL2SkillRandomizer: A Skill Randomizer Text File for Borderlands 2

  • OBSBrowserSourceLayout: Honestly this was just some dumb weekend project that I wanted to see if I could do, don't use this lol

  • ConsoleGameEngine:

  • ImporterFormatterSharp: A quick VS plugin to format all imports in C#.

  • BL2Gear: A website that shows your current gear for Borderlands 2

  • WillowTree-fork: This is a fork of WillowTree, https://sourceforge.net/projects/willowtree/

  • BorderlandsReadOnlyDetector: A tool for Borderlands 2 (and TPS, untested) to notify the user of their read-only state if the save is probably unintended to be in read-only.